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Big Burn Vaporizers & Accessories

Flower, Concentrate, and Oil

Marijuana Vaping Devices & Accessories

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A vaporizer is used to consume dried marijuana flower, oil, concentrates and CBD products. Vaping is the growing method of choice for the discerning adult marijuana user. It's easy, discreet, efficient, customizable, and reduces the smell and smoke associated with traditional marijuana smoking. 


Vaping devices are miniature ovens that gradually heats your cannabis product without burning or setting it on fire. The vaporizer's controllable heating chamber doesn’t cause burning as it bakes your dried flower or heats the oils or concentrates. The vaporizer heating process, instead releases a vapor that you inhale. Vaping is also considered a healthier method of consuming dried flower because it doesn’t require the plant material to go through any chemical processing as in the tinctures, oils, concentrates and edibles. Vaping also provides a smooth and flavorful experience with less throat and lung irritation and less product waste. Big Burn Vaporizers offer numerous products to meet your vaping needs. Our vaporizers have adjustable preset or digital heat settings that allow you to control the temperature for an optimal vaping experience. Big Burn Vaporizers also have several other safety and convenience features such as automatic shut off, carrying bags, and temperature memory. All at reasonable prices.

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