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The Avant

The Avant


The Avant is a simple, discreet, and well-built, flower vaporizer is easy-to-use fon the go. When portability and discretion are a must, The Avant Flower vaporizer is the only choice. With a pocket friendly and innovative flat design, The Avant features 5 unique preset temperature settings, an industrial strength magnetic mouthpiece, and a large capacity isolated ceramic baking chamber. Click, puff, go, enjoy…it really is that simple.


Additional Features:

  • 100% Isolated Airpath
  • Innovative Compact & Exquisite Flat Design
  • Magnetic Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • Large Capacity Ceramic Baking Chamber
  • 5 Preset Temperature Settings
  • High Rate 1200 MAH Battery
  • Temperature Range (356°F – 428°F)
  • Each Kit Contains:

    • 1 Avant Flower Vaporizer
    • 1 Packing Tool
    • 1 USB Charging Cable
    • 1 Cleaning Brush
    • 1 Replacement Screen
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