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G-Pen Elite Flower Vaporizer

G-Pen Elite Flower Vaporizer


The Elite offers a big 360° ceramic heating chamber, the biggest in the market during its launch with 0.11 cubic inches. It comes in an ergonomic and stylish looking design . The Elite operates with flexible digital temperature control between 201°F to 428°F and it heats up in seconds. You can experiment with low temperature true vaporization to explore optimal flavor profiles. This innovative technology opens up an entirely new vaporizing experience with unrivaled performance, taste, and effects.


Additional Features:

  • A massive 2200mAh battery that charges only in 3 hours
  • A full LED display with digital temperature control
  • A fast and even convection vaporization of your flower from all sides
  • The Elite fits perfectly in a pocket or your palm.
  • The Elite has a smart chip technology that will automatically shut off after 5 minutes of idle.


  • Each Kit Contains:

    • 1 Elite Flower Vaporizer
    • 1 Packing/Loading Tool
    • 1 USB Charging Cable
    • 1 Cleaning Brush


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